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Adidas AdiPower Review – The Perfect Weightlifting Shoes for You - Wicked Jungle

Adidas AdiPower Review – The Perfect Weightlifting Shoes for You

When it comes to weightlifting, you will rarely see better shoes than the AdiPower. These powerful shoes will be the perfect gear to help achieve the best performance possible. With one of these, you will be able to not only improve your results but look great and help you a lot more than just lifting.

Thanks to its design, these shoes have been used by most people who go to the gym and know about good weightlifting shoes. Even so, they are a little more expensive than other weightlifting shoes, but it all goes to the awesome quality they deliver – the perfect quality to make anyone jealous of the shoes you use! If you are interested in getting the best pair of shoes for your training, check out these best weightlifting shoes at Just Home Gym. You can also learn more about weightlifting by going through this link.

What Are they Perfect for Weightlifting?

When we talk about weightlifting shoes, we tend to go to those big and uncomfortable shoes that look more like Chuck Taylor’s with that big and hard sole along with high heel support. However, the AdiPower are nothing like that. They are not big, not ugly, not tall, but firm and stable enough to help you during your workout.

They are more flexible than normal weightlifting shoes. Also, they are made with the perfect materials that deliver enough flexibility and at the same time, enough stability and balance when lifting. They are designed to deliver more rigidity when training, while also being more durable and lasting than other weightlifting shoes.

Thanks to its construction and materials, like super heavy plastic and strengthened fabric, they help you maintain the right positioning, thus developing a better technique. This helps create more strength in every lift.

The lacing system and straps they have, help you maintain your stability and avoid injuries. Even when they’re not as tall as other weightlifting shoes that protect the ankles and heels, they still deliver enough protection to the most common ankle and heel problems.

The sole of these shoes is also much better when it comes to grip and anti-slipping. This sole is extra stiff, a little higher than normal weightlifting shoes but still protective and cushioned. This wonderful sole design helps maintain the weight and balance on the whole feet, avoiding pressure, unbalances and instability when lifting.

Thanks to the many great features, these shoes will help the user create the best possible technique to achieve more strength. At the same time, you will be avoiding many injuries and increasing your fitness results, getting the best body!

How They Behave When Lifting

If you are a constant lifter in the gym, you will have no problems with these shoes. Especially if you are a squat person, with the 0,75’’ heel, you will have more balance and better results from every squatting repetition.

The sole of this shoe is also incredible for lifting; it helps keep a sturdier position, creating the right technique and an amazing grip on the floor.

Even when they are sturdy and firm as most weightlifting shoes, they are as light as running shoes, helping you with exercises that demand more movement from the feet.

Also, even when they protect the ankles and heels, you will be able to move them around because they give enough flexibility and mobility.

You will be improving your results, looking great and eventually getting stronger with these shoes – the best weightlifting shoes in the market!

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