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Where Do Warts Come From?? - Wicked Jungle

Where Do Warts Come From??


Are cauliflower shaped blisters forming on your skin and you don’t know why they are on your skin? If that is true, then you are suffering from the case of warts. If you already knew about them before and wanted to know why they are forming or where do they come from, then this article is for you. However, if you were unaware of warts before then don’t be alarmed this article will also benefit you. Warts would not be something very serious therefore if you were tensed about your condition then relax and read on.

What are Warts?

They are usually a non-cancerous growth of ugly shaped blisters. Warts are formed due to a viral infection named human papillomavirus or more commonly called HPV. Although they are not dangerous to your health, they are contagious so you will need to take certain precautionary measures such as covering the parts of the skin that are broken. Also touching them is a big no. You must be thinking that they will go away on their own as they came. Yes, they do go away after some time but the time cannot be specified and furthermore if they do go away then don’t think that they won’t come back because there is a big chance that they might return.

How to get rid of them?

As soon as one gets to know that he/she has a condition, the first thing you think of is how dangerous this thing is? And then thought comes how to get rid of this problem? The answer to the first problem as I said above is that they are not dangerous. They are contagious, therefore avoid touching them and also don’t let other parts of the body touch warts. Secondly how to get them removed? If you want to get rid of them, then there are many ways that you can resort to such as through the use of salicylic acid solution or cryotherapy. These are more popular methods that are used by doctors to cure warts. In addition to these methods, other methods are the duct tape method, through nail files.

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