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How To Get Rid Of Warts: Common Methods - Wicked Jungle

How To Get Rid Of Warts: Common Methods


Bid goodbye to warts

Warts are small, rough growth on the skin which resembles a solid blister. They are mainly caused by viral infection by one of the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are approximately 130 types of HPV which typically infect only specific areas of the body. Warts generally occur on hands and feet. In some cases, they may be contagious too and enter the human body through your skin where it is broken. There are about 10 different types of warts that have been recorded to date. Prevention of warts is possible using vaccinations like Gardasil, however, they do not prevent virus strain which is the root of some kinds of warts.

Even if avoiding and preventing warts might prove to be a very tedious job, getting rid of them is quite easy if you follow the methods stated below, both naturally and with medical aids. So let’s see how to get rid of warts:

  1. The most widely used way to cure warts is using Trichloroacetic Acid or Salicylic Acid. These acids are made with the most important ingredient of all the wart-removal medicines available in the market. It may take a few weeks to cure.

Soak the affected part for about 5 minutes in water and apply generous amounts of the acid and let it dry. File off the wart after a day. Continue this for about 2 to 3 days.

  1. You can also use duct tape. Studies show that duct tapes are a somewhat effective measure in the removal of warts in some cases, based on Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy which chokes warts. Nevertheless, it needs a much longer time to get rid of warts, about 6 months.
  2. Alternatively, you can burn the wart away too. Consult your doctor before you want to try Cantharidin which is a rapid-action chemical that causes the wart to burn away. It is applied on the wart, and the patient may feel pain. The aftermaths will be dealt with appropriate recommendations that shall be made by your doctor.
  3. You can also use liquid nitrogen which is the opposite of what is done by Cantharidin: the wart is frozen. This is called cryotherapy which can prove to be highly effective. The alternate of liquid nitrogen is OTC Freeze treatment which is a much safer method making the wart fall off on its own gradually.
  4. A more costly method is the removal of the wart by medical surgery. The wart is cut off the skin using either Electrosurgery or Curettage which employs electric current and cutting it afterward or by even more expensive Laser surgery where an intense beam of laser removes it completely.

Although these methods may prove to be very effective, extreme precaution must be taken while employing any of these. They might lead to scars, pain and in some cases, the wart getting bigger. While the treatment is continuing, it is advisable that the wart is kept covered all the time so that it is kept dry in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

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