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Tips On How To Prevent And Relieve Sore Leg Muscles After Running - Wicked Jungle

Tips On How To Prevent And Relieve Sore Leg Muscles After Running

Running is a healthy exercise, sometimes people run not because they want to exercise but because they have to. Most of the time running happens when you are in a hurry, or you do it on purpose. Whatever your reason is sudden movements can lead to sore legs, and other cramps might be affecting your body. Body conditioning is very important and at the same time very crucial. Not just because it plays a very important role towards your day, but because it is the one who decides if you are fit of doing something else.

Leg sores are caused by injured muscle fibers; this is commonly present to gym enthusiast, but as well to all people who always run. There are too many reasons why your muscle fibers are injured, one of them is too much strain. For example, if you get tired of doing too many loads of your work, your muscles also get tired because of too much work you want them to fill in.



How to prevent Sore Leg Muscles after Running?

Before asking how to relieve sore leg muscles after running, try to prevent it first. Prevention will always be the first step. Remember that no matter how good you are in relieving your problems, if it keeps on occurring things can be severed by time. In preventing your muscles to get sore, make it to a habit to do some warm-ups and stretching. This is to prepare your muscle fibers beforehand.

Take note that everything needs time to prepare even your muscles. Your emotions and actions are not just controlled by your brain, but the one doing it also plays an important role. Even if your brain sends signals to your legs to move, the muscles that are supporting your motion are also doing handwork. That is why you have to exert an effort at least doing the warm-up and stretching.

How to relieve Sore Leg?

If after all the precautions you have made, sore legs are still present then this is the time to move on to the next level which is relieving it. Several of books and facts provide the easiest way in relieving sore legs, but what’s important is how determined you are to do so. Sometimes it is not enough that you have the cure, what only matter is how badly you want the cure. Sore legs can be simple muscle aches and discomforts, but if untreated it can lead to a further injury. So, before starting anything try taking a deep breath and considering the things listed below:

ï  Take frequent rest – as soon as legs start getting sore, don’t push too hard but instead, take a rest. Rest doesn’t mean doing nothing, resting after a strenuous activity includes stretching your body moderately. This is not to add up the loads but to free your nerves from being compressed and allowing blood flows towards your body.

ï  Take hot or cold bath – after resting, you can take a bath depending on your mood, you can take a hot or cold bath. But always remember that you can only take a bath after you rest. This is to prevent further damages to your nerves and muscles.

ï  Increase protein intake – if resting and bathing cannot relieve the sore then maybe there is something wrong with your diet. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not as long as you frequently run then you must increase your protein intake. Proteins are healthy for your muscles; it will help your muscle to regain its strength.

Like any other workers, your muscles also get tired, and in its own little way, it will send signals to you. Most of the times you tend to ignore it since you wanted to finish your load or your exercise. But if you pushed too hard, your muscles can break and lead it to further damage. So as much as possible, take things that you can handle only, exercise moderately, and if you badly need to get those things done, you’ll have to have time to sit down and rest for awhile.

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